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Superfoods 101: Chaga

We hear about these ‘superfoods’ in everyday conversations, but are often left with unanswered questions. Aside from the realization that there’s another food out there that’s good for you, you’re left wondering.. what are the health benefits, where can it be purchased, and what is it exactly.

This is the beginning of my ‘Superfood 101’ quest, where I will feature a different superfood regularly, and talk about all the unanswered questions we all have; so we know why we should be eating these foods.

Chaga Mushroom

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This superfood has been getting some serious attention lately. Mainly for being known to have more antioxidants than anything in the world.

Quick Facts

1. It is a fungus that grows on birch trees.

2. Appearance is woody and resembles burnt charcoal.

3. Is often consumed as a drink, similar to tea or coffee.

4. Highest ORAC level (oxygen radical absorbance capacity).

5. Studies show promise of its use in future cancer therapies, irritable bowel disease and diabetes.

6. Often bought in powder form.

What is it?

Chaga is a medicinal mushroom, which is often used for its antioxidant properties.

What are the benefits?

Claimed to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, normalize the metabolism, heal tissue and organ cells, work as an adaptogen (reduce stress), and work as an anti-viral.

Where can you get it?

Can be purchased online through a variety of retailers and direct suppliers, as well as in certain health supplement stores.

*Consult a physician before using chaga to treat a health condition.

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Chickpeas: The Facts

Chickpeas are not only tasty, but they are very easy to use in everyday cooking. I really enjoy cooking and baking with these wonderful legumes; in fact I just made some spicy hummus today, which I will be enjoying on a turkey burger later (instead of mayo). Whether you already cook with them, or are currently unfamiliar of the benefits, read the facts below and stay tuned, because in the coming weeks I will be sharing some of my favorite recipes, including chickpea double chocolate chip cookies and baked Indian spice chickpeas.

The Facts:

  • Also called garbanzo beans
  • Are a member of the legume family
  • Common uses include hummus and falafel
  • Good source of fibre, protein, and folate: contains 15g protein, 12g fibre and 71% of folate per cup, cooked
  • Grow in cool climates/seasons
  • In Canada, they are primarily grown in Saskatchewan
  • There are two types: desi and kabuli
  • They can be ground into a flour, which are often called gram, besan, garbanzo or cici flour
  • India is known as the largest producer of chickpeas
  • Make a great addition to soups, stews, and salad
  • Are available dried or canned

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